Certified Commercial Contractor

Certified Commercial Contractor

The Certified Commercial Contractor (CCC) program is designed to recognize commercial construction contractors who provide quality workmanship, who are committed to personal and professional growth through continuing education and who provide a safe and positive working environment for their employees. Regardless of the size of your company, any West Tennessee Chapter member company that demonstrates a commitment to these tenets can qualify to become CCC.

Application Instructions The CCC application asks a series of questions about the operation of your company. Supply the appropriate answer that best describes your company’s policy or involvement in the specific activity or program. Please note that compliance with some of the questions is mandatory, while others are optional.

Application Scoring Procedures The CCC review committee accepts applications year-round. Receiving the CCC designation is based on compliance with the items in the application marked “mandatory” and receiving a minimum of 150 points. Bonus points may be given at the discretion of the committee on items marked with the words “bonus” or “up to.” Applications not approved will be returned with a letter of explanation from the committee. Companies who are not certified are asked to wait 90 days before resubmitting.

Application Fee There is a nominal fee of $100 for each application submitted. The CCC program is not a profit center for the chapter, but the application fee helps defray a portion of the costs associated with promoting our CCC designees. We can invoice your company for the application fee, but your application cannot be processed until payment is received.

Benefits of Certification
  1. Recognized among elite in local contracting community
  2. Promoted in annual publication in Memphis Business Journal & Memphis Daily News
  3. Press Release to all local media outlets and regional construction publications
  4. Recognition on WTCABC website and in Construction Advocate e-newsletter
  5. Recognition at WTCABC functions F. Discounts on all WTCABC training classes and short courses
  6. Use of special Certified Commercial Contractor logo and decals
  7. Exclusive opportunities for networking or company promotion
  8. Letter announcing your certification and describing your achievement for use in company promotional materials

Download the Certified Commercial Contractor Application