Defend free enterprise and open competition. Support ABC PAC!

ABC PAC is a local and state political action committee organized in accordance with Tennessee state law. Individuals in the leadership of member companies may contribute to personally to ABC PAC. All contributions made to ABC PAC are to financially support the campaigns of candidates who share our positions on issues of free enterprise and open competition. Since its inception, ABC PAC has played integral role in the election of candidates from city council to governor.

Who does ABC PAC support?

Funds are raised through a least two events per year, though contributions may be received at anytime. Contributions to ABC PAC must be personal funds or checks from LLC's or partnerships. No corporate contributions are allowed.

ABC PAC funds are distributed to candidates by the ABC PAC Committee – a committee of representatives from member companies. The committee evaluates the record of the candidate and sometimes requests that campaigns complete a questionnaire and/or submit to an interview with the committee.

To make your donation to our state and local PAC, contact Amber Harris at 901-794-9212. 

ABC National also operates a federal PAC. To learn about that effort, visit ABC National PAC.

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